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Nicki spent 15 years as proprietor of a Graphic Design and Sign Shop in Bega.  Although formally untrained, Nicki became adept with professional computer design and associated programs and was able to incorporate her natural drawing ability in her work.   Workshops with well recognised Australian Artists, such as Lucy and Barry McCann, Hermen Pekel and Joseph Zubukvic at Charles Sturt University’s “Mitchell School of Arts” as well as John Wilson in the Blue Mountains, assisted with Nicki’s painting development. 

At school HSC level, Nicki worked with clay to build unique sculptures and she has aspired to pursue this art form to a greater level.  Some weekend workshops with Doris Cruse-Hoyne in sculpture introduced Nicki to soapstone, Limestone and Hebel Block.  Time constraints have prevented Nicki developing her to sculpture as much as she would like but occasionally she has produced work, including some commissions.

An opportunity to stock retail art supplies presented itself in 2007, along with giving beginners art lessons and in February 2011 “Designpost” was sold and “Valleyart” was born.  Nicki is now the proprietor of a retail art and craft supplies store which is allowing her to further develop her creative abilities. Nicki prefers to paint animals and landscapes in the mediums of pastels, acrylics, watercolours and oils in traditional and contemporary styles. She is represented by galleries throughout New South Wales and regularly takes part in exhibitions with Artist’s Society of Canberra, Montague Art & Craft Society, Bega Valley Art & Craft Society and others.

Nicki has won numerous prizes with her paintings including the open art prize at the Goulburn Workers Club Traditional Art Show in 2013.  The winning painting was aquired by the Goulburn Workers Club and was an acrylic titled "A matter of Perspective" featuring a tug at Eden Wharf .  Her paintings have been finalists in the Shirley Hannan Portrait award and the Basil Sellers Art Prize.